Love this little bird!

It’s Porch Time! I just have to say I really enjoy sitting, just about 6 feet from the hummingbird feeder, and watching this little girl come and go…… Yes…’s always a female hummingbird…..she comes and goes all day long….making a chirping noise as she drinks the sugary nectar… Yesterday I purchased and hung two bright red plants about 3 feet from the hummingbird feeder…wanted to … Continue reading Love this little bird!

Vintage Birdcage…..Now Planter!

It’s Porch Time! Hello everyone! Today is a muggy 75 degrees…..chance of thunderstorms this afternoon….. The birds are busy at my feeder and I now see baby birds with their parents at the feeders being feed. Darling! Anyhoo….. I was driving by my local Antique store and outside the shop I spied a Birdcage! I pulled over and went to investigate. It was in a … Continue reading Vintage Birdcage…..Now Planter!

Well Hello Little Bird……

It’s Porch time! It’s a busy day here at my bird feeders…..All the usual suspects are here, eating sunflower seeds, suet, and bread. I have the Finches, Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Starlings, pigeons, and Squirrels……. but who is this? There is this little fellow, just by himself. Nice Rusty Cap on it’s head, black stripe thru it’s eye. I hurried to get my bird book. It’s a … Continue reading Well Hello Little Bird……

Ants at the Hummingbird Feeder!!!! My Solution

It’s Porch Time!! I’m sitting here on my porch enjoying this lovely evening, I have a frosty Cold beer and my girl Sienna is joining me…. All of a sudden….Zoom…Zip….a hummingbird comes darting back and forth. I notice it hovering at the feeder, fly away, come right back but doesn’t stop to drink the fresh nectar I just put in the feeder this morning. I … Continue reading Ants at the Hummingbird Feeder!!!! My Solution

Red Winged Black Bird comes to visit!

It’s Porch Time! Today it’s an another Gorgeous day! 82 degrees and Comfortable! It’s afternoon and I’m out here on the porch enjoying a Beer. The birds are Very Active today. If you close your eyes all you hear is chirping and singing…..Just Lovely! Last year about this time I had the same visitor for a short while. The Red Winged Black Bird. It’s a … Continue reading Red Winged Black Bird comes to visit!

Banana Bread & Coffee on the Porch……

It’s Porch Time! It’s a Dreary, Rainy Day but I still needed to sit on the Porch and watch the Birds and Squirrels! Even though the rain was falling it wasn’t stopping them from going to the feeder and searching the ground for seed and bread that I had thrown out. I had gotten up early and decided to use up some bananas that had … Continue reading Banana Bread & Coffee on the Porch……

Porch, Coffee, & Raspberry Shortcakes!!

It’s Porch Time!!!!! What a beautiful morning it is!! About 52 degrees….Not only is the sun shining……But it’s My Birthday!!! Got up early and made myself a treat….. Raspberry Shortcakes! It’s an easy recipe….. Here it is: First you mix butter, powdered sugar, and egg. Mix till fluffy….. Add the flour, cornstarch, baking powder and salt…. Mix it all together….batter will be thick….. Fill mini … Continue reading Porch, Coffee, & Raspberry Shortcakes!!

One of my FAVORITE Things to watch…..

It’s Porch Time! Nice day…Again……Here in Northampton, MA! This has to be one of my FAVORITE things to watch while on my porch…… I’ll Stop what i’m doing just to Enjoy this! Makes me happy! Video isn’t that clear due to shooting thru the Porch screen……….I love This! They Seem soooooo Happy to be doing this….. Until Next Time! Continue reading One of my FAVORITE Things to watch…..

Pigeons return to my feeders! 🐦

It’s Porch Time…… It’s a gorgeous day here on my porch!! Lots to do after having an awful 4 days of rain, clouds, and cold!!  It’s 68 degrees at 11:00am! I’m out here planting seeds and who comes by to visit but my pigeon friends! As you can see there are two grey and black ones and one handsome black one with an iridescent sheen … Continue reading Pigeons return to my feeders! 🐦