Seedlings Ready to Plant!!!!!

It’s Porch Time!!!! Today I’m out on the porch to plant some of my Geraniums that I grew from Seed!!!! Yes! If you go back to one of my Older Posts, February 9th, You’ll see when I started them etc. This was how they were doing in February……. Now…..3 Months later…. WOW! They grew really well, Look very Healthy! So I’m going to replant some … Continue reading Seedlings Ready to Plant!!!!!

Beer Tasting Time!! Lefty’s Golden Ale

It’s Porch Time! It’s a Very Nice, Partly Sunny Day here in Northampton, MA. The Thermometer reads 72 degrees. It’s Time for a Beer Tasting!!!! I grabbed this new Beer at my Local Liquor Store……Lefty’s Golden Ale! I thought the picture on the front of the can was of 2 Bears…….. It is NOT 2 Bears but the Brewer’s, Lefty & Melissa’s Dogs,…….Shayla & Bean … Continue reading Beer Tasting Time!! Lefty’s Golden Ale

Hammock Time for the Kitty!

It’s Porch Time! It’s a HOT, Humid day here….what happened to Spring?? Anyway……I’m on my porch and my Kitty Matilda, a 7 year old Rag doll cat is here with me….. I remembered that last summer she quite enjoyed her time in the hammock… I placed her in it and…….. She really enjoyed playing and swing in it……she eventually fell asleep and was there a … Continue reading Hammock Time for the Kitty!

Nature’s Alarm Clock……🐦

It’s Porch Time!! Yes! I’m on the porch and it’s 5:15am! I stepped out to see what the temperature was……what type of jacket should I wear for my walk to work? As I opened the French doors and stepped on the porch my ears were filled with this Joyous Sound!!!! Turn your volume up!!! Now yes….it is dark….you can make out an outline of a … Continue reading Nature’s Alarm Clock……🐦

Creative Time……Kitty Litter Pail to a Plant Stand

It’s Porch Time!!!! What an AMAZING Day here in Northampton, MA! A Sunny, 75 Degrees on the Porch! What I have never mentioned in my other Posts……Is that I have a Small Back Porch that I use to come and go from my house to the driveway and vice versa almost everyday. I have never thought much about the area till the other day. It … Continue reading Creative Time……Kitty Litter Pail to a Plant Stand

Beer Tasting on the Porch! Big Elm Brewing

It’s Porch Time! Even though it’s a breezy 52 Degrees here in MA…….It’s never TOO Cold to Try a New Beer! I’ve put on my Irish Sweater, step onto the porch and join the Birds and Squirrels that congregate around my bird feeders. Today a Co-Worker…….his name is Moe…..Brings in a 5 pack of canned beer, he had one that he DID Not Enjoy…….Knowing I’m … Continue reading Beer Tasting on the Porch! Big Elm Brewing

Banana Bread & Coffee on the Porch……

It’s Porch Time! It’s a Dreary, Rainy Day but I still needed to sit on the Porch and watch the Birds and Squirrels! Even though the rain was falling it wasn’t stopping them from going to the feeder and searching the ground for seed and bread that I had thrown out. I had gotten up early and decided to use up some bananas that had … Continue reading Banana Bread & Coffee on the Porch……

Porch, Beer,& a Scratch Ticket! WATCH Me Scratch It! Do I get Rich?

It’s Porch Time! If you read my last Post it was the morning of my Birthday! Here I am Now, same day, but Afternoon. I’m on my Porch enjoying my Birthday and this lovely Day! A beautiful 72 degrees. I have with me…Matilda….Sleepy on the chair.. And my Sienna…The Sunbather….. I also have One of my Favorite Beers….. A Guinness Blond…….Very Tasty…… Also I bought … Continue reading Porch, Beer,& a Scratch Ticket! WATCH Me Scratch It! Do I get Rich?

Porch, Coffee, & Raspberry Shortcakes!!

It’s Porch Time!!!!! What a beautiful morning it is!! About 52 degrees….Not only is the sun shining……But it’s My Birthday!!! Got up early and made myself a treat….. Raspberry Shortcakes! It’s an easy recipe….. Here it is: First you mix butter, powdered sugar, and egg. Mix till fluffy….. Add the flour, cornstarch, baking powder and salt…. Mix it all together….batter will be thick….. Fill mini … Continue reading Porch, Coffee, & Raspberry Shortcakes!!