Hammock Time for the Kitty!

It’s Porch Time! It’s a HOT, Humid day here….what happened to Spring?? Anyway……I’m on my porch and my Kitty Matilda, a 7 year old Rag doll cat is here with me….. I remembered that last summer she quite enjoyed her time in the hammock…..so I placed her in it and…….. She really enjoyed playing and swing in it……she eventually fell asleep and was there a … Continue reading Hammock Time for the Kitty!

Nature’s Alarm Clock……🐦

It’s Porch Time!! Yes! I’m on the porch and it’s 5:15am! I stepped out to see what the temperature was……what type of jacket should I wear for my walk to work? As I opened the French doors and stepped on the porch my ears were filled with this Joyous Sound!!!! Turn your volume up!!! Now yes….it is dark….you can make out an outline of a … Continue reading Nature’s Alarm Clock……🐦

Porch, Beer,& a Scratch Ticket! WATCH Me Scratch It! Do I get Rich?

It’s Porch Time! If you read my last Post it was the morning of my Birthday! Here I am Now, same day, but Afternoon. I’m on my Porch enjoying my Birthday and this lovely Day! A beautiful 72 degrees. I have with me…Matilda….Sleepy on the chair.. And my Sienna…The Sunbather….. I also have One of my Favorite Beers….. A Guinness Blond…….Very Tasty…… Also I bought … Continue reading Porch, Beer,& a Scratch Ticket! WATCH Me Scratch It! Do I get Rich?

Really?? I can Finally Open the Porch??

It’s Porch Time!!! And what a Glorious day it is! After weeks of cold misery and when the sun did come out the wind would be whipping…..it is Beautiful! Today is a nice 72′ here in MA….. I rushed home from work, flung open the French doors and stepped out onto a pretty dusty porch with plastic covered chairs, dirty empty pots, and a floor … Continue reading Really?? I can Finally Open the Porch??

Is Summer Here??

OMG! It’s Porch Time! Yes! Again…..Second day in a row!!!! Today the temperature has reached… A glorious 74 Degrees!!! Like in yesterday’s post I put on the Flip flops, opened the French doors to the porch and watched as my Calico cat, Sienna, bypassed her dish of freshly prepared Cat food and launched herself onto the sunny porch floor. Today she quickly made it to … Continue reading Is Summer Here??