Vintage Birdcage…..Now Planter!

It’s Porch Time! Hello everyone! Today is a muggy 75 degrees…..chance of thunderstorms this afternoon….. The birds are busy at my feeder and I now see baby birds with their parents at the feeders being feed. Darling! Anyhoo….. I was driving by my local Antique store and outside the shop I spied a Birdcage! I pulled over and went to investigate. It was in a … Continue reading Vintage Birdcage…..Now Planter!

Creative Time……Kitty Litter Pail to a Plant Stand

It’s Porch Time!!!! What an AMAZING Day here in Northampton, MA! A Sunny, 75 Degrees on the Porch! What I have never mentioned in my other Posts……Is that I have a Small Back Porch that I use to come and go from my house to the driveway and vice versa almost everyday. I have never thought much about the area till the other day. It … Continue reading Creative Time……Kitty Litter Pail to a Plant Stand