Vintage Birdcage…..Now Planter!

It’s Porch Time! Hello everyone! Today is a muggy 75 degrees…..chance of thunderstorms this afternoon….. The birds are busy at my feeder and I now see baby birds with their parents at the feeders being feed. Darling! Anyhoo….. I was driving by my local Antique store and outside the shop I spied a Birdcage! I pulled over and went to investigate. It was in a … Continue reading Vintage Birdcage…..Now Planter!

Italian Heather Plant SWEET!

It’s Porch Time! Today I went to my Local Grocery Store. I new that with Mother’s Day just 2 days away they would have a good Choice of New Plants. Oh Boy was I right…..There was a large Tractor Trailer there and the plants where coming off and being immediately hung for sale. I was looking for a hanging basket with Flowers that would Love … Continue reading Italian Heather Plant SWEET!

Seedlings Ready to Plant!!!!!

It’s Porch Time!!!! Today I’m out on the porch to plant some of my Geraniums that I grew from Seed!!!! Yes! If you go back to one of my Older Posts, February 9th, You’ll see when I started them etc. This was how they were doing in February……. Now…..3 Months later…. WOW! They grew really well, Look very Healthy! So I’m going to replant some … Continue reading Seedlings Ready to Plant!!!!!

Thinking Spring….

It’s Porch Time!…..NOT…. Its a chilly 18 degrees here in Northampton, MA this morning. Ugh! My porch is all closed up…Chairs covered in plastic, rugs rolled up and plants fill my living room blocking the French doors that lead out to the porch. I realize I haven’t blogged in a few months……but now I’m Thinking Spring! I went into my local pet store and they … Continue reading Thinking Spring….

My attempt at a Bonsai tree! Give it a try!!

It’s Porch Time! Good Day!!  It’s a HOT one here in Western MA! Yes!  It says 90 degrees!!! I’m loving these warm temperatures but maybe because I know a cold front is coming thru tonight and it will be in the low 80’s tomorrow. 70’s on the weekend! My cat, Sienna, has found a cool and comfortable spot to hang out…….. My other cat, Matilda, … Continue reading My attempt at a Bonsai tree! Give it a try!!

Bird Bath becomes a Succulent Planter!

Good Afternoon!  It’s Porch Time! Yesterday, Saturday, was the first farmers market of the season in Northampton, MA.  I love the farmers market so I walked down to check out the goodies!!  Knowing it’s still too early to plant I just wanted something to start bringing my Porch alive!   I came across these potted Succulents…..Hens and Chickens, Sedum, a cactus that I was told … Continue reading Bird Bath becomes a Succulent Planter!