Love this little bird!

It’s Porch Time! I just have to say I really enjoy sitting, just about 6 feet from the hummingbird feeder, and watching this little girl come and go…… Yes…’s always a female hummingbird…..she comes and goes all day long….making a chirping noise as she drinks the sugary nectar… Yesterday I purchased and hung two bright red plants about 3 feet from the hummingbird feeder…wanted to … Continue reading Love this little bird!

Well Hello Little Bird……

It’s Porch time! It’s a busy day here at my bird feeders…..All the usual suspects are here, eating sunflower seeds, suet, and bread. I have the Finches, Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Starlings, pigeons, and Squirrels……. but who is this? There is this little fellow, just by himself. Nice Rusty Cap on it’s head, black stripe thru it’s eye. I hurried to get my bird book. It’s a … Continue reading Well Hello Little Bird……

Red Winged Black Bird comes to visit!

It’s Porch Time! Today it’s an another Gorgeous day! 82 degrees and Comfortable! It’s afternoon and I’m out here on the porch enjoying a Beer. The birds are Very Active today. If you close your eyes all you hear is chirping and singing…..Just Lovely! Last year about this time I had the same visitor for a short while. The Red Winged Black Bird. It’s a … Continue reading Red Winged Black Bird comes to visit!

Nature’s Alarm Clock……🐦

It’s Porch Time!! Yes! I’m on the porch and it’s 5:15am! I stepped out to see what the temperature was……what type of jacket should I wear for my walk to work? As I opened the French doors and stepped on the porch my ears were filled with this Joyous Sound!!!! Turn your volume up!!! Now yes….it is dark….you can make out an outline of a … Continue reading Nature’s Alarm Clock……🐦

Really?? I can Finally Open the Porch??

It’s Porch Time!!! And what a Glorious day it is! After weeks of cold misery and when the sun did come out the wind would be whipping… is Beautiful! Today is a nice 72′ here in MA….. I rushed home from work, flung open the French doors and stepped out onto a pretty dusty porch with plastic covered chairs, dirty empty pots, and a floor … Continue reading Really?? I can Finally Open the Porch??

Pigeons return to my feeders! 🐦

It’s Porch Time…… It’s a gorgeous day here on my porch!! Lots to do after having an awful 4 days of rain, clouds, and cold!!  It’s 68 degrees at 11:00am! I’m out here planting seeds and who comes by to visit but my pigeon friends! As you can see there are two grey and black ones and one handsome black one with an iridescent sheen … Continue reading Pigeons return to my feeders! 🐦

Their back! Hummingbirds!

Good Day!  It’s Porch Time! I’ve been waiting for my first sighting of a hummingbird this spring.  I had filled the hummingbird feeder last week…. Looking every morning, afternoon, and evening…..No Luck.   Yesterday I cleaned the feeder and made a new batch of liquid food, hung the feeder, still no visitors. This morning I got up, 6:10am, as I’m walking towards the kitchen to … Continue reading Their back! Hummingbirds!

Unexpected Visitors at my Bird Feeder! Nice Surprise!😊

Hi, It’s Porch Time! This afternoon I stepped out on my porch and decided I would fill my four window boxes with fresh potting soil to get them ready for new plants,….. I also transplanted some Catnip plants into a large pot……The cats will Love this!!!     The whole time I was listening and watching all the birds!  I had all the usual suspects….chickadee’s, … Continue reading Unexpected Visitors at my Bird Feeder! Nice Surprise!😊