Vintage Birdcage…..Now Planter!

It’s Porch Time!

Hello everyone! Today is a muggy 75 degrees…..chance of thunderstorms this afternoon…..

The birds are busy at my feeder and I now see baby birds with their parents at the feeders being feed. Darling!

Anyhoo….. I was driving by my local Antique store and outside the shop I spied a Birdcage! I pulled over and went to investigate.

It was in a pretty yellow paint color, footed, and I liked the hinge where when unlatched the top lifted open to one side.

Now purchased….. What was I going to do with it???? Buy a Canary?, make a light out of it?,

I decided to purchase a New Guinea impatient plant to put in it. I bought a double red flowered one. I repotted it into a coconut liner and slowly lowered it down into the bird cage. It looked good but what is a birdcage without a bird??

I added a blue glass bird, that had been a clip-on Christmas ornament,to a skewer and stuck it in the dirt.

Love the way it came out!

Till next time!!!!

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