Zoe…the killer cat!

It’s Porch Time!

I’m sitting here enjoying the evening and I notice the birds, that were very active only minutes ago, have all but disappeared…… I look up from my reading and I should of known….It’s Zoe! The killer cat from next door.

This cat makes it a big part of her day to hunt my birds, squirrels, and chipmunks…I realize she’s a Cat and this is what they do but….. She’s quite clever…. like this picture I captured the other day of her hiding in the shrubs waiting for a bird to land so she could have her breakfast.

I have even saved a couple of chipmunks from her after watching her bat them around for awhile.

I have never actually seen her get a bird but have come home to find carcasses and feathers on the grass. 😭

Zoe is not a very social cat…maybe if she would let me pet her we could become friends. Then, maybe I wouldn’t mind seeing her at the feeders.

Until next time!!

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