Ants at the Hummingbird Feeder!!!! My Solution

It’s Porch Time!!

I’m sitting here on my porch enjoying this lovely evening, I have a frosty Cold beer and my girl Sienna is joining me….

All of a sudden….Zoom…Zip….a hummingbird comes darting back and forth. I notice it hovering at the feeder, fly away, come right back but doesn’t stop to drink the fresh nectar I just put in the feeder this morning. I get closer and take a better look at the feeder and..A HA! It is covered in large black ants… many the poor hummingbird probably didn’t want to fight with them!!

Well, Well, I must come up with a solution….. Something quick……

This is what I came up with. I took my red colored duct tape and wrapped it around the Shepard’s hook, sticky side up, about 8″.

If those ants wanted to get to that sugar water they were in for a sticky road!!!!

2nd…..I cleaned and added new food to the feeder I then removed the ribbon hanger and replaced it with a hanger made out of fishing line. I had read ants have a hard time walking on this.

Hard to see the fishing line but it is there if you look close…..

Since I’ve been writing I’ve seen a few ants making their way up the hook….they seem to get to the duct tape and turn around…..

I’m going to go outside and see if I’ve actually have ants stuck to the tape…..

Oh yeah!!! It has only been about 10 minutes and I have the first prisoner!

It is stuck pretty good…..

Well, let’s hope this keeps the ants away….. Time will tell. Do you have any other solutions? Please let me know.

Till next time…….

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