Italian Heather Plant SWEET!

It’s Porch Time!

Today I went to my Local Grocery Store. I new that with Mother’s Day just 2 days away they would have a good Choice

of New Plants. Oh Boy was I right…..There was a large Tractor Trailer there and the plants where coming off and being

immediately hung for sale.

I was looking for a hanging basket with Flowers that would Love the SUN! This would be for my Mother’s Porch.

She has BLAZING HOT Sun most of the day there. I chose A plant that has worked in that area before.

A Calibrachoa……lovely Petunia looking, small flowers, in the colors of pink, lavender, and yellow.

Mom is going to LOVE It!!!!

As I continued looking around for a plant for my porch I came across this…

A Italian Heather Plant in Pink……to me it resembled a shrub. I had seen purple Heather but not Heather like this.

The Pink Flowers are so Sweet! They don’t have a Scent……Bummer…

The Information that came with the plant was this:

Native to South Africa, This showy plant prefers everything in moderation. It was popular as a potted plant during

the nineteenth Century in England……..Flowers during May.

Size: 1 1/2 ft to 3 1/2 ft. Spreads 20-30 inches.

Plant outside in Zones 10-11……or plant in a Pot where it can be moved to avoid harsh hot or cold conditions.

It likes Full Sun in coastal climates. Partial Sun in Warmer Climates Only.

Soil needs to have Excellent drainage and be acid. Heavy Clay soil is Fatal. No standing water on roots but Avoid

drying out in pots.

Give light feeding of acid plant food in early Spring.

Since I live in Zone 6A…..I will keep mine in a pot….on my Porch.

I did find I photo online of it as ground cover……Beautiful!

I hope it does well here on my porch…..I’ll have to find a pretty pot to transplant it into…

Until Next Time!

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