Throw Back Thursday!….Vintage Porch Photos

It’s Porch Time!

It’s Thursday and I decided to Start a Throw Back Thursday every week! By this I mean I will Post a

Vintage Snapshot, Photo, of Days gone by, Images of Porches. It may be of People, Children, Pets, etc.

Porches have been around for Centuries!! There have been many a Photo Taken of them. I have found

some Interesting Ones and can’t wait to share them with you!

The First one is from the Early 1900’s!

These Sweet Girls in their White Dresses, Buttoned up Boots, and Big Hair Bows are Adorable!

Most Likely sisters…..Twins? The girl on the right looks to be a bit shy.

They sit on a wooden bench swing with their dog enjoying their Porch Time!

I can only guess if they are off to church, going to school, or ready to play in the yard?

From the large barn in the background……I would say they live on a Farm.

As I look at Vintage Snapshots I always wonder…..What became of the people in them? In this case I wonder

what the girls did with their lives? We can only guess…………….

Until Next Time!

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