Red Winged Black Bird comes to visit!

It’s Porch Time!

Today it’s an another Gorgeous day! 82 degrees and Comfortable!

It’s afternoon and I’m out here on the porch enjoying a Beer.

The birds are Very Active today. If you close your eyes all you hear is chirping and singing…..Just Lovely!

Last year about this time I had the same visitor for a short while.

The Red Winged Black Bird. It’s a beautiful bird! It’s all by it’s self and eats Sunflower from the ground.

I also caught it on my Suet Feeder!

As a child growing up I never saw them at our feeder but only in the trees along the roads.

It is a bit skiddish………My friends the pigeons like to jump at it making it fly about a foot only to turn and

come back to feeding.

I know soon it will find a mate and food from other sources but until then….Welcome Red Wing Black Bird!

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