Seedlings Ready to Plant!!!!!

It’s Porch Time!!!!

Today I’m out on the porch to plant some of my Geraniums that I grew from Seed!!!!

Yes! If you go back to one of my Older Posts, February 9th, You’ll see when I started them etc.

This was how they were doing in February…….

Now…..3 Months later….

WOW! They grew really well, Look very Healthy! So I’m going to replant some of them into my Window Boxes.

I planted 2 in each box……..I Will probably get a trailing plant to put in the middle of them.

The Great thing is it was a mixed Color seed packet so I have No idea of the flower colors!

That’s like waiting for Christmas morning to see what you get for gifts!! Can’t wait!

UPDATE!!! After I posted this Blog I did go to the Local Nursery and bought some Calibrachoa Plants.

I got the deep Purple color with yellow Centers…….They will spill out of the window boxes and should go nicely

with what ever color the geranium flowers end up being!

I still have at least a dozen Geranium plants left……I’m going plant some in a Planter for Mom for Mothers Day!

Some I plan to Plant at the Cemetery for my Father.

I still have Poppy Seedlings and Golden Cherry Tomato Seedlings. I’ll keep you updated with what I do with them all!

Till Next Time!

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