Potting a Honey Crisp Apple Tree

It’s Porch Time!

Sooooooo I have always LOVED Honey Crisp apples!! Scrumptious!!! Right?

Well I purchased a bare root Tree back in February from ParkHill.com! I new they wouldn’t Ship

until it was the right Temperature for planting here in Western MA. Zone 6A.

I waited Months! It came 3 days ago and I was Excited to see it was a large box! The tree measured over 4 Feet Tall!

The instructions said to soak the roots for 2 days in water before planted.

So…… On the 3rd day I was ready to Pot! Yes…… I was going to plant it in a pot instead of in the ground.

I’m not quite sure where to put it in the yard yet……I may even bring it to my sister’s in NH…..She has a

small apple orchard and it would be happy there.

I put a few stones on the bottom of the pot for drainage.

Filled the pot with Miracle grow Potting Soil and as the instructions said…Cover root ball so it’s was level with the soil line.

I put a stake in the pot to help keep the tree upright while it becomes established.

Pretty soon I hope to have apples like this! It could take 5-6 Years!

A little bit about this apple…….

Honey Crisp Apples are popular due to Beautiful Coloring and Sweet, Crisp Texture.

Great for baking and eating.

Produced in 1960 thru a Breeding Program at The University of Minnesota.

They Cross Pollinated a Macoun and Honeygold Apple.

Honey Crisps are a Hybrid ……..Can’t be Reproduced by Seed.

Some Day My tree could look like this!!!!! Oh what a Happy Day that would be!!!

Have you ever had any luck with growing Apple Trees? Would love to hear your experience!

I know I have some more research to do on the tree to have any luck…….

Until Next Time!

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