Beer Tasting Time!! Lefty’s Golden Ale

It’s Porch Time!

It’s a Very Nice, Partly Sunny Day here in Northampton, MA.

The Thermometer reads 72 degrees.

It’s Time for a Beer Tasting!!!!

I grabbed this new Beer at my Local Liquor Store……Lefty’s Golden Ale!

I thought the picture on the front of the can was of 2 Bears……..

It is NOT 2 Bears but the Brewer’s, Lefty & Melissa’s Dogs,…….Shayla & Bean

I still think it resembles 2 Bears…..But I’m Not here to argue that point but to try this bear….OOPS…..Beer! LOL!

It’s a Nice Golden Color, Cloudy…..Not Clear…Subtle Taste not Hoppy…..Smooth……..No after taste.

The Back of the can reads ” This refreshing Golden Ale starts crisp and finishes clean, leaving you wanting more.

This brew boasts gorgeous golden hues in this tasty yet simple ale that satisfies until the last drop.”

Alc. content is 5% by Volume.

I love that the can also gives you food pairings for this beer! It suggests: Stir Fry….Roasted Root Vegetables….And…..Get Ready….

Angel Food Cake with fresh Strawberry Topping! I’ll take DESSERT Please!!!

This Brewery is Located in Greenfield, MA……Which is about a 20 minute ride from me! May have to check it out!

Joining me today on the Porch is:

Sienna…..My 12 Year Old Calico Kitty…….Loves to watch the Birds and Chipmunks……

OOPS…..Back to the Beer……I would rate this Beer a 4 out of 5 Stars…….a 4 because I love a Clear beer and one with a more

Hoppy Taste. Still a great beer that’s Mellow……..

Till Next Time!

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