Creative Time……Kitty Litter Pail to a Plant Stand

It’s Porch Time!!!!

What an AMAZING Day here in Northampton, MA! A Sunny, 75 Degrees on the Porch!

What I have never mentioned in my other Posts……Is that I have a Small Back Porch that I use to come and go

from my house to the driveway and vice versa almost everyday.

I have never thought much about the area till the other day.

It so Gloomy and Sad…..Why not dress it up with a Plant? Something that would thrive in the Shade!

Today I purchased a Pink New Guinea Impatient Plant! I placed it on the floor of the porch and immediately new

I needed some Height…..Some kind of Stand……What Would I use?

As I looked around I saw the Bright Yellow Kitty Litter Pail that I used for Empty Cans and Bottles.

Yes! I thought…It’s So Bright it would add some Great Color to the Back Porch with the Pink Flowers!

I ran to my craft room and grabbed some Floral Duct Tape!

I cut lengths of the tape, long enough to cover the lettering on all sides of the pail…..

Now I realize it’s NOT that Creative…..But for my back Porch it is just what I needed!

I swept the area…….Turned the pail over…….Placed the Plant on it and Ta Daaaaa!!!!!!!

A Quick Fix…….Gave the Plant Height and some much needed Color to that back Porch!


Till Next Time!

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