Throw Back Thursday…Vintage Porch photo

It’s Porch Time! It’s Throw Back Thursday……..Porch Style….Were I share with you a Vintage Snapshot of Days gone by! Today’s Photo is really One of a Kind! So sweet! Something I’ve never come across before….Are You Ready?? This young child stands on the Porch with a Rooster! What a Great Photo! Is this Rooster a pet? It doesn’t seemed bother by the Child touching it’s … Continue reading Throw Back Thursday…Vintage Porch photo

Well Hello Little Bird……

It’s Porch time! It’s a busy day here at my bird feeders…..All the usual suspects are here, eating sunflower seeds, suet, and bread. I have the Finches, Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Starlings, pigeons, and Squirrels……. but who is this? There is this little fellow, just by himself. Nice Rusty Cap on it’s head, black stripe thru it’s eye. I hurried to get my bird book. It’s a … Continue reading Well Hello Little Bird……

Ants at the Hummingbird Feeder!!!! My Solution

It’s Porch Time!! I’m sitting here on my porch enjoying this lovely evening, I have a frosty Cold beer and my girl Sienna is joining me…. All of a sudden….Zoom…Zip….a hummingbird comes darting back and forth. I notice it hovering at the feeder, fly away, come right back but doesn’t stop to drink the fresh nectar I just put in the feeder this morning. I … Continue reading Ants at the Hummingbird Feeder!!!! My Solution

Pineapple Upside Down Cake for Mother’s Day!

It’s porch Time! Not! Today is a dreary rainy day in the low 50’s……Not a good day to be on the porch but a great day to make my Mom a Pineapple Upside Down Cake for Mother’s Day Brunch. It’s one of her Favorite Desserts. Here are the Ingredients I needed. 1 Cup Butter 3/4 Cup Brown Sugar I Box Yellow Cake Mix and the … Continue reading Pineapple Upside Down Cake for Mother’s Day!

Italian Heather Plant SWEET!

It’s Porch Time! Today I went to my Local Grocery Store. I new that with Mother’s Day just 2 days away they would have a good Choice of New Plants. Oh Boy was I right…..There was a large Tractor Trailer there and the plants where coming off and being immediately hung for sale. I was looking for a hanging basket with Flowers that would Love … Continue reading Italian Heather Plant SWEET!

Throw Back Thursday!….Vintage Porch Photos

It’s Porch Time! It’s Thursday and I decided to Start a Throw Back Thursday every week! By this I mean I will Post a Vintage Snapshot, Photo, of Days gone by, Images of Porches. It may be of People, Children, Pets, etc. Porches have been around for Centuries!! There have been many a Photo Taken of them. I have found some Interesting Ones and can’t … Continue reading Throw Back Thursday!….Vintage Porch Photos

Red Winged Black Bird comes to visit!

It’s Porch Time! Today it’s an another Gorgeous day! 82 degrees and Comfortable! It’s afternoon and I’m out here on the porch enjoying a Beer. The birds are Very Active today. If you close your eyes all you hear is chirping and singing…..Just Lovely! Last year about this time I had the same visitor for a short while. The Red Winged Black Bird. It’s a … Continue reading Red Winged Black Bird comes to visit!

Seedlings Ready to Plant!!!!!

It’s Porch Time!!!! Today I’m out on the porch to plant some of my Geraniums that I grew from Seed!!!! Yes! If you go back to one of my Older Posts, February 9th, You’ll see when I started them etc. This was how they were doing in February……. Now…..3 Months later…. WOW! They grew really well, Look very Healthy! So I’m going to replant some … Continue reading Seedlings Ready to Plant!!!!!