Banana Bread & Coffee on the Porch……

It’s Porch Time!

It’s a Dreary, Rainy Day but I still needed to sit on the Porch and watch the Birds and Squirrels!

Even though the rain was falling it wasn’t stopping them from going to the feeder and searching the ground

for seed and bread that I had thrown out.

I had gotten up early and decided to use up some bananas that had gotten brown and over ripe and make some

home made Banana Bread!

This is the recipe I used……..

I preheated the oven…350 degrees and sprayed and lightly floured a bundt pan.

I combined in my mixer the butter, oil, and sugar. Mixed till it was Fluffy!

I then added the Eggs…..One at a time……

Then….following the recipe I added the rest of the ingredients and mixed well, scraping the bowl with a rubber spatula.

I filled the Bundt Pan 2/3rds full…..and into the oven it went!

So exciting……..waiting for 50 minutes! Will it come out okay? Did I screw it up? Will it taste good? LOL!

Finally my kitchen Timer goes off! Using a wooden skewer I test it…….It’s Done!

Golden Brown and the Smell! Amazing! The recipe called for putting it in the Freezer! immediately after removing from oven!

Said it would help draw all the moisture into the cake……..?????? So I did it…..Why not? Love a Moist Bundt………LOL

I nestled it in between the frozen Peas, Turkey, Ice Cube Trays and Smirnoff Vodka……Not such a bad place to be!

60 minutes and Ta Da! Mixed some Confectionery Sugar with Vanilla and water and poured it over the top of the cake!

Oh Boy……….Made a cup of Coffee………Sliced a piece of that Banana Bread……..Wrapped myself up in a warm Blanket and hit the Porch!

AHHHHHHHHHHH………..Life is Good!

Till Next Time!

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