Porch, Beer,& a Scratch Ticket! WATCH Me Scratch It! Do I get Rich?

It’s Porch Time!

If you read my last Post it was the morning of my Birthday! Here I am Now, same day, but Afternoon.

I’m on my Porch enjoying my Birthday and this lovely Day! A beautiful 72 degrees.

I have with me…Matilda….Sleepy on the chair..

And my Sienna…The Sunbather…..

I also have One of my Favorite Beers…..

A Guinness Blond…….Very Tasty……

Also I bought a $10 scratch ticket in hopes of getting Rich on my Birthday…..This is the Ticket and How to win:

I could Win up to 15 Times! and $4,000,000! Here it Goes!

Until Next Time!

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