Planting Roses!

It’s Porch Time!!!!

Hello everyone….. Even though it’s a cloudy day with rain coming for the afternoon…… I decided to plant my

Rose bushes that I just received in the mail from Michigan Bulb company.

They came bare root with just minimal soil around the roots and to tell you the truth…..they didn’t look that healthy.

I realize they came wrapped in plastic and cardboard and were in a mail truck but I had to trim yellow leaves and broken

Branches. They where small in size, maybe about 6 inches tall.

I purchased a Ketchup & Mustard Rose…..this plant I had seen years ago at a nursery and adored it…..had looked for it again and

Couldn’t find it so I searched and found it on line.

I love the name and how the yellow peeks out of the red petals!

It grows in height 2 to 4 feet….perfect size for my area!

The next rose plant is a Ebb Tide…..loved the color of this one also…

Looks so rich and royal in that purple hue…..

It also grows 2 to 4 feet tall.

I planted both of them in front of a large rock on the corner of my porch area. They will get Full Sun… I’ll be able to see them when I sit on my porch or

Swing in the hammock!

Now I just hope they Take off, growing well…..the sun and warmth we are forecasted to be getting is sure too help….

Till next time……

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