Really?? I can Finally Open the Porch??

It’s Porch Time!!! And what a Glorious day it is! After weeks of cold misery and when the sun did come out the wind would be whipping… is Beautiful!

Today is a nice 72′ here in MA….. I rushed home from work, flung open the French doors and stepped out onto a pretty dusty porch with plastic covered chairs, dirty empty pots, and a floor and carpet in need of vacuuming.

I went right to it… reward was waiting…..being able to sit, with a Adult Beverage as soon as the task was complete.

Finally……Not totally arranged to my liking…..some items still needing a wash but a good start.

I sat with my Red Solo cup and some Gnarly Head Red Zinfandel, I’m a beer girl but this was going to have to do. I chilled it with some ice cubes. šŸ˜‹

The whole house hold joined me today……. Matilda, Sienna, and even Rosie….my Red Cheeked Mud Turtle.

Rosie hadn’t felt the warm sun on her face all Winter!! She stretched her neck way out and sunbathed for a good couple of hours…….

Also joining me was my resident squirrels, house finches, gold finches, and Yes!! They are back…….my Pigeons!! Two showed up today!

So happy to have them back! Maybe they will bring their friends….last year I had 4 in total.

Well this summer I’m going to try and Blog more….sharing my porch activities……

I hope you choose to follow me and read about the Fun I’ll be having and sharing with you!!!

Till next time…….. Enjoy!

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