Is Summer Here??

OMG! It’s Porch Time!

Yes! Again…..Second day in a row!!!! Today the temperature has reached…

A glorious 74 Degrees!!!

Like in yesterday’s post I put on the Flip flops, opened the French doors to the porch and watched as my Calico cat, Sienna, bypassed her dish of freshly prepared Cat food and launched herself onto the sunny porch floor.

Today she quickly made it to the bench to get a Prime Spot for Sunning!!!!

I started to pick up my house, look thru mail, etc. and thought ” what are you crazy? Get yourself outside!!! Tomorrow they are forecasting a mix of rain and sleet!!! You can pick up furballs then” LOL……

So I put on some Capri pants and poured myself some Twisted Moscato Wine in my Red Solo “Wine” Cup.

By this time my Sweet Matilda joined us on the porch…..She is one that won’t miss a meal for nothing….

Knowing this day wasn’t going to last long and I may not see another 70 degrees for weeks!!!!! I uncovered one of the porch chairs….got out the cushions, washed a side table and brought out my crochet project…..

I’m crocheting a blanket for my High school Reunion that is in June. I plan to donate it to our raffle to raise money for our class. Our school colors are Blue and Gold. I hope I can finish it….. Time will tell………

So with that said I’m off to crochet, drink wine, and enjoy this Amazing day!!!

I think the girls will too!!

Until next time……..

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