Warm Sun on our Faces…..Flip Flops and Wine!

It’s Porch Time!!

Yes it is!!! It’s a Beautiful 67 degrees here in Northampton, MA.!!

Just got home from work and couldn’t resist kicking off the work shoes and sliding into the flip flops!! I’ll spare you a flip flop and Toes photo……nobody wants to see winter toes when they have yet to be clipped, buffed, and polished……LOL……I’ll leave that for a future blog.

My cats, Sienna and Matilda our thrilled to be out on the Porch!

Even though they are amongst covered chairs, empty pots, unused Bird feeders, and carpets that need a cleaning they don’t care. They just plop down and turn their faces to the sun……

I couldn’t resist opening a bottle of wine and joining the girls on the Porch.

I’m sipping on Twisted…a Moscato Wine from California. I love the flavor of this wine…..it’s description says…..” It dances across the palate with a swirl of citrus blossom, honeysuckle, and melon flavors”. I’ll have to agree with that!

I found this wine at my local Liquor 44. It was in The bargin bin that said “2 for $10”. Great deal!! I’m not a wine drinker……Beer is my beverage of choice….but this is quite tasty.

I’m drinking my wine out of my New, Red Solo Wine Cup! I purchased this in Wolfboro, NH this past weekend. I’ll be drinking beer out of it this summer to class up any parties I may go to…..LOL

Well the sun is amazing here today and the wine in my Red Solo Cup is half gone. 😟 It’s time to lift my face towards the sun, finish my wine and enjoy my Porch Time……..Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70’s!!!

Till next time…….Enjoy!

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