Strawberry Spinach plant?

It’s Porch Time!……..NOT!

It’s a miserable rainy day here in MA. It’s melting all the snow but the driveways and walkways are either Mud or large pools of water.

Anyway!!!!!! The New Park Seeds Catalog is out!! I received it thru an email and decided to check it out!

In my last blog I told you the great luck I was having with my Geranium and Poppy seedlings so I figured I look to see if I could find something different to grow.

I think I found it! Have you ever heard, seen, or grown Strawberry Spinach plants? I hadn’t……I found them on the Park Seed Website…..

Here’s a photo:

It is a native herb and both the leaves and berries are edible! They are described as Delicious! It’s an upright plant growing 18″ Tall. Needs full sun….best in containers or beds. They can be directly sown where you want them to grow.

Here is some info about the seeds from the website.

Of course I bought a pack of seeds which is a 50 count. I’m excited to try them! I will start some indoors saving some in case I fail at keeping them alive till Spring. Who knows maybe I’ll get all 50 plants and I’ll be trying to give some away!! LOL….I’ll keep you posted on that!

From what I’ve read the berry looks and taste more like a raspberry…Yum!

Write me a comment if you have ever dealt with this plant…..would love to hear about it!

Till next time!!

Think Spring!!!

2 thoughts on “Strawberry Spinach plant?

  1. Yes, I’ve grown it a few times over the years, mainly as a novelty to promote customer comments. I wouldn’t really describe the red seed clusters as berries, nor did I notice a berry flavor. They are a chenopodium….think lambs quarters…rampant self seeding weed. I did enjoy nibbling the young leaves. Container growing helps in control and puts the red closer to eye level so it’s more noticed. Good luck.


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