Thinking Spring….

It’s Porch Time!…..NOT….

Its a chilly 18 degrees here in Northampton, MA this morning. Ugh!

My porch is all closed up…Chairs covered in plastic, rugs rolled up and plants fill my living room blocking the French doors that lead out to the porch.

I realize I haven’t blogged in a few months……but now I’m Thinking Spring!

I went into my local pet store and they had started putting out a few seed packets, soil etc. I got really excited….

Now…… I’be never had luck planting seeds and actually keeping them alive once they sprouted……they usually come up….and then wither away……But I try every year…..dreaming that I will get sooooooo many plants that I’ll have to have a plant sale to get rid of them all…..LOL

So…..this is what I bought…

Jiffy seed starter soil, jiffy pots, and Geranium seeds and Poppy seeds… I was surprised to see that the Geranium packet Said to start seeds in January! Yeah!

The Poppy seed packet was discouraging from planting early because the poppys don’t like being transplanted. They should be sowed in the ground where they will be grown.

So……..I planted all the Geraniums seeds, 2 per pot, and only 16 poppy seeds to give them a try……I figured the Jiffy pots can be put right into the ground! It’s not really transplanting them….Maybe this will work!!

Now my big problem was where will I put these planted pots??? I have limited window space…..especially where the sun comes in most of the day. I came up with this…..

I put a board over my bathroom radiator, covered it with a folded towel, placed the seed pots on a baking sheet pan. I realized that with the Heat of the radiator I was going to have to really watch them to make sure that the seeds didn’t Dry Out! I checked the soil every morning…..soaking the pots.

In just 5 days this is what I saw!!!

I was very Happy! The 1st photo are poppy seedlings, they look soooo frail….The Geraniums, in the 2nd photo are much more Sturdier looking!

Now it’s been a good 2 1/2 weeks and this morning this is what they look like…..

Almost every pot has a seedling! I have to wait until the Geraniums are 2″ tall to thin out to 1 per pot. That will be a sad day!!! How do you choose??? It’s not fair. They all deserve to live!! I know, I know, Get over it! I’m just such a Sap…….

Well, that’s what’s going on here on the Porch Time Blog! I’ll keep you updated on my success or failure of these seedlings…….

39 Days till Spring!!!!

Soon I’ll be swinging in my Hammock………Sun on my face!

Till next time…………

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