Is Summer Here??

OMG! It’s Porch Time! Yes! Again…..Second day in a row!!!! Today the temperature has reached… A glorious 74 Degrees!!! Like in yesterday’s post I put on the Flip flops, opened the French doors to the porch and watched as my Calico cat, Sienna, bypassed her dish of freshly prepared Cat food and launched herself onto the sunny porch floor. Today she quickly made it to … Continue reading Is Summer Here??

Warm Sun on our Faces…..Flip Flops and Wine!

It’s Porch Time!! Yes it is!!! It’s a Beautiful 67 degrees here in Northampton, MA.!! Just got home from work and couldn’t resist kicking off the work shoes and sliding into the flip flops!! I’ll spare you a flip flop and Toes photo……nobody wants to see winter toes when they have yet to be clipped, buffed, and polished……LOL……I’ll leave that for a future blog. My … Continue reading Warm Sun on our Faces…..Flip Flops and Wine!

Thinking Spring….

It’s Porch Time!…..NOT…. Its a chilly 18 degrees here in Northampton, MA this morning. Ugh! My porch is all closed up…Chairs covered in plastic, rugs rolled up and plants fill my living room blocking the French doors that lead out to the porch. I realize I haven’t blogged in a few months……but now I’m Thinking Spring! I went into my local pet store and they … Continue reading Thinking Spring….