Guinness IPA! 

It’s Porch Time……

I haven’t blogged in awhile and I feel bad about this….. Busy with vacations etc…..but I’m back!

After an awful Hot and Humid week here In Northampton, MA it’s finally a nice day in the 80’s

I’m on my porch with a Great find from my local liquor store! Guinness Nitro IPA!

I couldn’t believe it when I made eye contact with it…..There it was next to the original Guinness and another one that I’ve been enjoying, Guinness Blond!   IPA’s are my favorite! So I purchased and sped home to crack one open! Yes, it’s afternoon….LOL!

It poured out of the can in the classic Guinness style….foamy and Creamy looking….after a couple of minutes it was a beautiful, cloudy, Amber Color.  It has nice smooth taste….not a strong hoppy taste.  Really nice. I could drink a couple of these, think I will…, and not feel full.

So……..Every Irish person, or not, get to your local liquor store and give this one a try!!  Yummy!

Hooray for the Irish!

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