Testing a New Beer..by the New Belgium Brewing Company…

It’s Porch Time!!

Hello everyone!  What a Gorgeous Sunday here in Western MA!!  I hope you are all enjoying yourselves!

I just got out of work and I’m treating myself to a New Beer that I have never had or seen before….  It’s by the New Belgium Brewing company and it’s called ” Fat Tire Amber Ale.”

It’s a nice copper color.  It is 5.2% Alc. By VOL. 12oz bottle.  I really like this beer! It’s not heavy, it’s a light tasting beer. No strong hoppy taste. The bottle says it’s a “perfectly balanced biscuit-like malt”.   Very smooth. I could see myself drinking more than one if I was at a bbq or function.  Doesn’t fill you up like some Amber beers.

I will definitely purchase this again!  I also love the label which is a Vintage, fat tire, red bicycle.  

Wow, that was good!!  Tempted to open another one…….

Till next time…….

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