White Powdery fungus on your plants? Simple home remedy….

Hi,  It’s Porch Time!

Another Hot Day here in Western MA. The weather man promised a cool down by this afternoon but he was wrong! It’s a Humid 88 degrees!

It’s taking a toll on poor Sienna girl.  She’s not to interested in eating today.

So…….. Do you have a white powdery, mold, mildew on your plants?  I noticed it on my indoor ones when I was bringing them outside to the porch.  

First on my orange tree and then my Brush Cherry bonsai tree…… I googled it and found its a mold from spores in the air.  It attacks new growth and could eventually kill a plant.  It contagious to near by plants.  It gave a few home remedies and I chose this one…..

9 parts Water to 1 part Milk, put It in a spray bottle and mist plant. Only do it once a week!!! More could cause a different mold to grow…..   Do it once a week till it’s gone.

So far so good on my plants. Ive only sprayed my plants once. I can still see some residue of the mold but no new mold.  

I’ll keep you posted…..

Till next time……

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