Pigeons return to my feeders! 🐦

It’s Porch Time……

It’s a gorgeous day here on my porch!! Lots to do after having an awful 4 days of rain, clouds, and cold!!  It’s 68 degrees at 11:00am!

I’m out here planting seeds and who comes by to visit but my pigeon friends!

As you can see there are two grey and black ones and one handsome black one with an iridescent sheen to him when the sun hits his feathers!

I don’t know where they come from?  They seem to be rogue pigeons……afraid of people and they don’t have the band’s on their feet. It started last summer with one every morning and then it brought a friend.  This year the black one is new and they come morning and late afternoon.     It’s funny but usually a Cardinal will come at the same time and eat with them!

Well, back to planting seeds!  I’ll blog about that a little later!

Until next time……

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