Beer Tasting….Big Foot Barleywine-Style Ale

It’s Porch Time….. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s!!

Today is a cool, cloudy day in western MA, 50 degrees.  I’m out on my porch hoping for a break of Sun…….Not going to happen.šŸ˜ . Anyway…….

Today I’m testing a beer by Sierra Nevada called Bigfoot.  It’s a Barley wine style ale. I’ve never had this kind of beer.  Since I believe in bigfoots I thought I’d try it!  LOL.

 A friend of mine, who has tried it, said I wouldn’t like it……he didn’t. Well here it goes.       Pouring it out of the bottle it seemed thicker than other Amber beers, it smelled fine, no different than other brews.  My first sip was surprisingly good!!  It is heavy…..but doesn’t have a strong taste or weird taste. To me it’s just a heavy IPA with a Malty taste to it, Couldn’t drink more than one……..especially with the alcohol by vol. Being 9.6%! Whoa!

This beer is definitely a sipping beer.  No chugging these! Very filling.   Would I buy this beer again?  Probably not. Too heavy for me. Great gift though for a Bigfoot lover!

I love the prospector looking at the foot prints while Bigfoot hides in the trees to the left!!  Good Label!!!

Till next time………

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