Their back! Hummingbirds!

Good Day!  It’s Porch Time!

I’ve been waiting for my first sighting of a hummingbird this spring.  I had filled the hummingbird feeder last week…. Looking every morning, afternoon, and evening…..No Luck.   Yesterday I cleaned the feeder and made a new batch of liquid food, hung the feeder, still no visitors.

This morning I got up, 6:10am, as I’m walking towards the kitchen to get that needed coffee, I glanced at the hummingbird feeder and their he was!!!! A male Ruby throated hummingbird!!!

WOW!  I woke up fast!!  Finally!! So happy!!  He’s been back and forth all morning, feeding and sometimes just sitting on the Shepard’s hook, that holds the feeder.  Just one……maybe more will come?

If your wondering what the food recipe is for hummingbird food here it is, very simple!

You’ll need: 1 hummingbird feeder.         1 cup Water,  1/4 cup white sugar,   combine these and bring to a boil.  Cool mixture to room temperature.  There is no need to add red coloring, in fact I’ve heard the food coloring can be harmful to the birds.   Fill your feeder and hang! Wait, they will come!  Do it early so they know where a food source is when they are picking out a place to nest.

Change the food at least once a week, clean feeder everytime you change food, bacteria and mold forms quickly, don’t want to harm are little friends!

Happy bird watching! There’s nothing like it!!

Till next time……..

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