3 New Plants for the Porch!

Good Afternoon! It’s Porch Time!

I haven’t been on my porch this week…….the weather has been cold and grey……Today the Sun shines but with a temperature of 52′.   I’ve been itching to get back on the porch and enjoy some New Plants that I’ve purchased… I have 3 to share with you!!

The first one is a Beautiful Begonia!  

It has those dark, green leaves and the flowers start off a light yellow and as they open the color becomes a yummy Orange! I have had luck with Begonia’s in the past.  I hope it doubles in size thru out the summer.

My second New plant is a Miniature Rose…..

This plant has a beautiful red flower with white stripes. It’s loaded with blooms and buds!  The tag that came with it says it’s a “Rosier Miniature Rose”.  I will be transplanting it into a larger pot with a trellis.  The flowers have a light scent to them.

My 3rd plant I’m pretty excited about!  Its a Pixie Patio Grape Plant!

It’s a dwarf mutation with fruit clusters in place of climbing tendrils.  It is a small precocious plant that produces dozen of grape clusters!!  Perfect for a porch/patio!  It can be grown in a 6″-8″ pot! It Only gets 18-24 inches tall!  It comes in different varieties of grape kinds.  I have the Pinot Meunier. This grape is prized for its fruity flavor! I would like to get a prettier pot for it even though they say it can stay right in the pot it came in.  I hope it does well for me!!

I will keep you updated on the plants throughout the summer!

Till next time………


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