Testing a New Coffee! Medium/Dark Roast, Sun Coffee Roasters!

Good morning!  It’s Porch Time!

This morning I sit on my porch where everything seems damp………Yesterday it poured rain…… It’s 58 degrees and feels humid right now but that doesn’t stop the birds from gathering here at the feeders and singing their morning songs.

This morning I’m testing a new coffee…. It’s by Sun Coffee Roasters.  I got the medium/ Dark Roast called Dickens Full City.   It states it’s a rich blend of beans from El Recreo Estate in Jinotego, Nicaragua. Rich in tradition of growing the world’s finest rainforest coffee.


It’s a very smooth tasting, nice coffee taste.  No burnt flavor that can be there on some of the darker roasts.  I always add a bit of 1/2 & 1/2, no sugar, to my coffee.  I would recommend this brand.

This Company is also worth mentioning because it gives back!  It provides colleges and Universities with scholarship funds for educational programs focused on sustainability, affording this generation the opportunity to make the practices we believe the rule, not the exception.

They also support education in the coffee growing regions so that children of farmers can have a brighter future!!  There is a web site on the bag to learn more.     So,  This coffee seems to be a Win, Win!! Great tasting and it gives back!! Beyond Organic, Beyond Fair Trade!!

Till next time!

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