Pretty in Pink, Glittery,  Nail Polish

Hello there!  It’s Porch Time….

Here in Northampton, MA it’s a Cloudy, Cold day with temperatures in the 50’s.  I decided to step out onto the porch, watch the birds, and thought it would be a perfect day to paint my toenails!!

A few days ago I had come across a brand of polish I had never seen before. It’s called Sinful Colors, made in the USA! and was only $1.99 a bottle!

I bought Pinky Glitter, #830 and Clear Coat #1064.

I put on a coat of the Clear Coat first and then 3 coats of the Pinky Glitter and finished with one more coat of the Clear Coat.  I like the look! It was easy to apply and dried pretty quickly!

Here is the color on my thumb nail.  I didn’t take a photo of my toes because some people get grossed out with feet photos!! LOL!!     If you like a light polish color it’s great! I keep thinking my nieces would love the glitter!

Till next time!……..

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