Dark Roast Coffee, Trying a new Brand, Melitta!

Good Morning!  It’s Porch Time!

It’s a chilly 48 degrees here in Northampton, MA but the sun is Shining and the birds are singing and busy at my feeders…..There was a large Red Bellied Woodpecker here eating black oil sunflower seeds. It’s at my feeders often but usually only eats suet.

So, even though it’s chilly I’m wrapped up in a fleece blanket and I’m trying a different brand of coffee.  I was in my local Stop and Shop, grocery store, and found this Dark Roast, my favorite kind of coffee, and bought it. It’s called, Melitta, a Vienna Roast, extra fine Grind, It states it is “Deep intense flavor with a Velvety finish. Superbly balanced. Never Bitter”  the coffee should make you feel like your in a European Cafe!IMAG5501_1

If you like dark roasts this one is worth trying!!  I’m on my second cup, with some 1/2 & 1/2 added and really enjoying it!  It’s Smooth and has a nice strong coffee taste but is Not bitter.  It has definitely woken me up!!

There are other roasts in this brand if you don’t like Dark Roasts. I’ll be purchasing their medium roast to!

Enjoy your Sunday!  Till next time!….

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