Bird Bath becomes a Succulent Planter!

Good Afternoon!  It’s Porch Time!

Yesterday, Saturday, was the first farmers market of the season in Northampton, MA.  I love the farmers market so I walked down to check out the goodies!!  Knowing it’s still too early to plant I just wanted something to start bringing my Porch alive!   I came across these potted Succulents…..Hens and Chickens, Sedum, a cactus that I was told is local to the Northern East United states.  ( didn’t know we had cactus?) and another plant I don’t know the name of……


I had an old Bird Bath that 1, was too deep for birds to use and 2, I had left it full of water one cold day and it froze and the bottom fell out.   It was too pretty to throw out so I glued the bottom back in.  When I bought the succulents I decided to make that bird bath my planter!


I added some stones to the bottom for drainage.


And then I filled the Bird Bath with normal potting soil.


I then separated the plants from the pots and arranged them in the soil. I added some rocks and then sprinkled Bonsai soil on top and around the plants to give it texture.IMAG5473_1


I love the way it came out! Giving a new purpose to the Bird Bath!  When I sit across from it this is my view!  It should only get better as the plants grow and fill in!


Maybe you can make something similar???  Till next time!

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