Description of my Porch and Beer Tasting!

It’s Porch Time!!

Ahhhh finally, even though it’s Thursday….it’s my Friday!!!  I finally get to open up the French doors off of my living room and step on to my screened in porch. On one end is a sitting area with Teak furniture and pillows on a rug.  The other end has a hammock that I take many a afternoon nap in!!  Hopefully sooner than later this porch will be full of potted plants!!  I also have 4 Window boxes that hang on the outside that need to be filled.  In front of the window boxes about 6 feet out is a collection of bird feeders. Sunflower seeds, thistle seed, suet, and a hummingbird feeder. Right now at my feeders are mourning doves, a male and female Cardinal, and a Starling. It can get pretty crazy here with birds!!

Okay! Now for some beer tasting!!  Tomorrow is my birthday and my Friend Jimbo gave me a beer to try as part of a birthday present.

I’m trying a beer by Stone Brewing Company.  It’s called Tangerine Express IPA.  It is 1 Pint, 6 oz.  WOW! Good thing I’m staying in tonight!  6.7% ALC. It’s a cloudy light Amber color.  Here it goes…….I’m taking a sip!  Hmmmmmm, very smooth, hoppy flavor at the end.  I don’t taste any fruity or citrus tones. It’s actually Very Good and I will finish the bottle!!  If I had to rate it, 5 🌟’s being the Best it would get 4.8 🌟’s!!!!    Just wished I could get a hint of citrus taste and I would of given it 5 stars. Definitely a good brew to try!! Not too heavy, medium body. 

More birds have arrived….gets busy this time in the evening…. I have a nut hatch, house sparrows, chickadees, Blue Jay, and always, at least 1 Squirrel!!

Well, time to drink more of this beer and Chillax!  Until next time!!!………..


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